About us

Kobushi Multimedia is a company devoted to the production of high quality multimedia products for the martial arts. Started in 1995, we self publish material on Japanese styled martial arts as taught at Yama-ji Kan Dojo and through our parent organizations.

What does Kobushi mean?

"Ko", literally translates as "old". However, the context is one of "traditional" or "classical". "Bushi", means "warrior". "Multimedia" is the modern term to describe the bringing of text, audio and visual media together in an interactive fashion.
   As our name implies, we are devoted to continuing the ideals of the warriors past while presenting them in the best possible way for today's technological age.

Our Goal

Our goal at Kobushi Multimedia is in creating and designing content rich multimedia martial arts products with the ease of use. Here at Kobushi Multimedia we believe that the past masters would have left us teaching "aids" and "guides" in multimedia format if this medium was available to them.

Mission Statement

Because of our dedication and devotion to the martial arts, Kobushi Multimedia has a valued interest in promoting and presenting the martial arts in a light that it deserves. At Kobushi Multimedia, we believe that this promotion and continuation of martial arts can be achieved by providing high quality products. We hope, through these products, to portray the wide range of historical, physical, and spiritual aspects of the martial arts.

Quality Assurance

To ensure content quality, we have established a wide range of contacts that include many prestigious people and organizations in the field of martial arts. These contacts help insure that the information contained on our products contain as much technical, historical and philosophical information as possible.
   The majority of our previous products are on the CD-ROM format. However, as the technology has changed we are currently switching directly to the DVD-ROM format. We chose the DVD-ROM format because of its high archival potential; its broadcast video and sound capabilities and ease of use on multiple formats (computers and television).
   If you have any questions about Kobushi Multimedia or any of the products listed on this web site, please feel free to e-mail us with your questions and comments.